A selection of our work


High-end literature is the pinnacle of storytelling for storytelling’s sake. Crafting the beautiful books that carry it is our guilty pleasure, the thing we’d do all day, every day if we could. We’re privileged to work with many incredible publishing companies. Read about how we work with publishers.

Selected book covers

Every book cover has to tell the story of a story, without giving anything away. Here is a small selection of our book-cover work. See more.

Designing book-series covers

Series cover design means crafting each individual title within specified design parameters. Every cover needs to be strong enough to stand on its own while in keeping with the series. See more.

Crafted page designs

Book design is more than typesetting, and in the most beautiful books each page is treated individually, helping to craft the story with every spread. See more.

Corporate publications

Corporate publications don’t have to be dry; they can draw the reader in like the best books in a bookstore. We’ve worked with dozens of clients to create publications we aren’t just proud of, but actually return to again and again, because reading them is just lovely.

More than an annual report

Usually, when you think of annual reports, you might expect a pleasant but dry presentation of organisational acheivements. We've been lucky to work with organisations who want to go in another direction. See more.

Visual identity

Who doesn’t love a great visual identity? We’ve helped dozens of clients define their brands with strong, simple logos and typography, from big public spaces like the Watershed at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront to small, sophisticated businesses like Oxflo and Brand Factory.

Visual identities

Sometimes you have to tell a story in a single image: no more so than in your brand's visual identity. A great identity is not only a smart image. It creates story-like connections in our brains that draw us in and form stronger memories. See more.

The Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

For this major new development at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront, our lead designer Karen Lilje had to create a strong, simple identity that worked in many different contexts. See more.

Social impact

At Fire and Lion we believe that every book has a mission: that is, every story has the power and responsibility to change the world. That mission is clearest when we work with social-impact projects and organisations, like MyConstitution, Book Dash, Worldreader, Bettercare, and the More Books Campaign.

More Books

The More Books Campaign, supported by the Publisher’s Association of South Africa, was an advocacy initiative aimed at influencing public opinion on textbook regulations. See more.

Book Dash

Book Dash publishes a range of children’s books in many languages. We worked with Worldreader to turn these into reusable HTML and ebooks that could be read on any device. See more.

Web development

Many of our projects span web, ebook and print formats of the same content. And some projects are first and foremost websites. We specialise in building fast, simple, mobile-friendly websites that carry large amounts of content.


In partnership with Electric Book Works and the CSIR we’re creating a public-domain version of the Constitution in all eleven official South African languages. See more.


Non-profit healthcare publisher Bettercare relies on Fire and Lion to develop and maintain its library of open-access textbooks as books, ebooks and a website. See more.