For book publishers

We free publishers to focus on what matters most to them. We manage print and digital book production, promotional material and content preservation.

What do you want to spend more time on? Many publishers want to develop authors and run special projects. Do you spend a lot of time project-managing freelancers, generating marketing materials, and chasing after project files? If you outsourced this to a great team, would you have more time to focus on what matters most to you?

Our team combines world-class design and digital expertise, built on a deep understanding of book publishing.


We manage all your frontlist and backlist production from manuscript to finished files in multiple formats. Use our easy Google Sheets calculator for an instant cost estimate. And see our simple terms here.

At the same time, we can produce all your usual promotional material: info sheets, social media posts, press collateral and catalogues.

Ongoing production commitment

If you’re ready to place five or more books with us per year, we offer a discount in line with your commitment. We reduce our fees by 5 per cent for every five books you commit to us, up to 20 per cent. You don’t even have to tell us what those books will be, just that you’ll commit to a number of them.

If after 12 months you haven’t placed as many books with us as you planned, we simply invoice for the value of the discount, so you just pay the normal price.