Every visual identity tells a story

Hybrid Creative

Sometimes you have to tell a story in a single image: no more so than in your brand’s visual identity. A great identity is not only a smart image. It creates story-like connections in our brains that draw us in and form stronger memories. They make us think not only about who they are but what they actually do in the world.


Oxflo is a chemicals company in the minerals industry. In their identity, we could capture both the strength and permanance of stone and the flow and power of the company’s products in the character of the ox.

Here are several other clients whose identities tell a little story.

Brand Factory

Fynbos Etc

The Motivation Company




When we think of a ‘visual identity’ we think of logos and business cards. But the story doesn’t end there. Once the logo is sorted and the stationery printed, everything you publish continues to tell your story, triggering an emotional response in those who see it. The more care you take over that story, the stronger the response you’ll trigger. That’s where we get to work on our clients’ corporate publications.