We've joined Electric Book Works, and these pages remain for archival purposes. Please find us at electricbookworks.com.

About Fire and Lion

Fire and Lion helps organisations create and deliver large book projects for the multi-format world.

Our team of publishing experts – from design, editorial and software backgrounds – work with our clients to invent, plan and deliver complex publications that are beautiful and effective. This often includes developing innovative strategies, workflows and training programmes that empower people and improve sustainability.

To understand what we do and why we do it, see our portfolio and read our thinking.

Our team

Arthur Attwell Arthur Attwell is an award-winning thought leader in publishing innovation and technology. His ventures include Electric Book Works, Bettercare, Book Dash and Paperight. He has worked in publishing and technology for over fifteen years, and he holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town. Mail arthur@fireandlion.com

Karen Lilje Karen Lilje is an award-winning designer and illustrator specialising in information design. She is the founder of Hybrid Creative, a ten-year-old design agency with a wide range of publishing, non-profit and commercial clients. She holds degrees in information design and illustration from the universities of Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Mail karen@fireandlion.com

Jennifer Jacobs Jennifer Jacobs is a designer and social-media strategist, and a graduate of Rhodes University’s acclaimed journalism school. She is also the founder and designer behind Afternoon, an independent sewing-pattern label. Mail jennifer@fireandlion.com.

Christina Tromp Christina Tromp is a writer and editor who believes in the power of good books and websites. She has an honours degree in politics, philosophy and economics from the University of Cape Town. Mail christina@fireandlion.com.

Dione Mentis Dione Mentis is a content strategist with over six years experience in educational publishing. She holds degrees in Development Sociology and in Media and Writing from the University of Cape Town, and an Honours in Publishing Studies from Wits University. Mail dione@fireandlion.com.