We've joined Electric Book Works, and these pages remain for archival purposes. Please find us at electricbookworks.com.

Our thinking

We think deeply about publishing: what traditions do we build on, where can we innovate, and how do we improve our craft?

We’re joining Electric Book Works

Arthur Attwell

Fire and Lion is joining Electric Book Works. This doesn’t change anything about our work for our clients: the two businesses already share the same team. We founded Fire and Lion nearly three years ago as an agency specialising in storytelling and design. Since then, we’ve has become known for multi-format publishing work, using the tools and infrastructure we built at Electric Book Works. It makes sense now to work under one banner, which will be Electric Book Works. Read more

Book production with CSS Paged Media

Arthur Attwell

When we make books in multiple formats – print, epub, website, and app – we use HTML and CSS even for print layout. In this presentation to a PagedMedia.org meeting in Boston recently, I describe some of what we do, and talk about some of the challenges we’re tackling. Read more

Producing The Economy: a case study in multi-format book production

Arthur Attwell

Very rarely, a book-maker gets to add new tricks to the 500-year-old craft of book-making. We got to do that in producing The Economy. Read more

I love you, InDesign, but it’s time to let you go

Arthur Attwell

I love you, InDesign, but it’s time to let you go. We just can’t be together in a multi-format world. Read more

Three things every editor should know about modern publishing

Arthur Attwell

Today, every passage you edit will sooner or later be read on screen. This digital world desperately needs our craft and high standards, but what does that mean for our daily work? Read more

The dilemma in self-publishing

Arthur Attwell

What self-publishers miss is not skill, but the relationship between an author and a publisher. Read more