We’re joining Electric Book Works

This is a small, happy announcement: Fire and Lion is joining Electric Book Works. This doesn’t change anything about our work for our clients: in fact, the two businesses already share the same team. We’re really just changing the name on the door.

We founded Fire and Lion nearly three years ago as an agency specialising in storytelling and design. Since then, Fire and Lion has become known for its multi-format publishing work, using the tools and infrastructure we built at Electric Book Works.

It makes sense now to work under one banner, which will be Electric Book Works.

Electric Book Works was founded in 2006, and has a long history of publishing innovation and high-quality book-production. It was the birthplace of acclaimed initiatives Book Dash, Bettercare, and Paperight, and has trained, consulted to, or made books for many of South Africa’s top publishers, as well as non-traditional publishers in South Africa and elsewhere.

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